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Monster Steamer

EZ2 - Monster Professional Pressurized Floor Steamer with Double Steam Output with Dual Tank

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The Monster Superclean floor steamer is revolutionary due to its DUAL-TANK DESIGN. The first tank is a durable stainless steel boiler that superheats water to generate a hot and drier steam that cleans floors, is quick to dry and leaves floors streak free. The second tank holds the biodegradable ANTIBAK SOLUTION THAT IS LABORATORY TESTED AND CERTIFIED TO KILL UP TO 99.9% of a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
While other brands of floor steamers claim that they truly sanitise under normal use, the fact is that they don't!
Monster Superclean infuses the germ killing action of Antibak with the power of  steam to disinfect floors.
Antibak's formulation creates a barrier that protects against bacterial and fungal spores from growing for up to 7 days after application. Monster Superclean also features patented Steam Booster technology that allows the ready made steam to continually heat up the microfibre pad, for dirt to be quickly softened and loosened.
Main feature:
- Telescopic handle for easy storage
- Extra tank for on demand extra cleaning, deodorizing or scent action
- Costant steam pressure
- Exclusive on demand frontal pressurized steam
- Child proof cap
- Stainless steel boiler
- Pressurized boiler, ready in 3 minutes
- Ultra hot and dry steam
- Stainless Steel Boiler
- Pressurized Boiler
- Refilling Cup
- Automatic ON/OFF
- Steam Booster
- Microfiber Clothes
- Frontal Steam Jet
- Carpet Slider
- Dual Tank System


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